Monday, 2 December 2013

Standing with the Muslim Community in Ireland 2nd December to 13th December

We, the Canal Communities Intercultural Network, were disgusted by a letter received by Muslims in our community in South Dublin City and by Muslims across Dublin.

We were disgusted by the content of the letter but also disgusted that such a letter got so much coverage and was circulated so widely. It saddens us that a tiny group of people would call themselves the "defenders of Ireland" and then try to drive a wedge in our communities, trying to return Ireland to the sad times of religious division.

We don't wish to debate the issues in the letter but we do wish to respond because we know that this letter DOES NOT represent the viewpoint for the majority of people in our community and across the country.

We believe that we as a community can help to give a voice to the silent majority who reject racism and want to say no to hate and intolerance. And we can create a positive space to talk about the Ireland we want to live in and how we wish to stand together.

Our Proposal

From the Dec 2nd to Dec 13th we will display posters of solidarity in our communities, in our schools, community centres, parish centres, youth projects, in shops everywhere and anywhere that we can. (you can download a copy of our poster here - feel free to use it too!)

We'll write a statement reflecting the views of people we have spoken to here in the Canal Communities. (here)

We'll give local people the chance to sign that statement and send there messages of anti-racism and solidarity by making books for messages and signatures available throughout the community. You will find them in schools, community projects, youth spaces, business and public spaces. 

We will print a run of stickers for young people (and young at heart people) to display showing support for anti-racism.

Some time on the week of the 16th of December (watch here for details) we will publicly present our books of solidarity and support to Muslim representatives in our community

If you are close to the Canal Communities (Dublin 8/12) and would like to join us, then give us a shout. We can drop over a poster and a notebook. 

If your not close by but would like to get involved, feel free to download the poster and make a book of your own. Do let us know your participating too. We love to hear messages of support and solidarity and it great to spread the positive messages too.

You can contact us on 

If you don't have the capacity to start a book but would like your message to be included you can send a message of solidarity to the above address and we will include it one of the books we send.

Below are some images of what we have been doing so far.

Making some Books

Including our statement
Getting the message out across the community.

Getting the ball rolling with signatures.

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  1. The update is that at a launch event 15 people came to hear and take the resources.
    So far we have 30 books have gone out to local organisations and 50 posters have been distributed... so we ran out of resources on day one.
    But we have more books and more posters today just give us a shout to get yours.